I’ve never experienced anything like this before. The feeling of flying over the water is unreal.

Carbon to the Core.

Foil is handmade. Each layer of carbon fiber is carefully integrated to give maximum effect. Advanced carbon composites keep Foil lightweight and incredibly durable.

Amped Up.

Foil's removable Lithium-Ion battery is the largest ever fitted to an eFoil. Revolutionary heat-absorbing phase change materials surround the cells, giving them the ability to handle demanding recharge and discharge cycles back to back without breaking a sweat.

Lots of Watts.

The 7000 Watt Mavericks™️ motor system is the heart of Foil. The propeller is directly driven - which makes expensive and unreliable gearboxes unnecessary. In addition, all electronics are below the waterline making eFoils with water pumps obsolete.

Wireless to the Extreme.

Foil's intelligent Bluetooth™ controller with high-resolution display keeps you in the know with current speed and battery life. The controller even knows if you've fallen off and will stop Foil right away.

Mavericks™️ Direct Drive Motor

Bluetooth Remote

28 MPH / 45 KPH Top Speed

Ride in Lakes, Rivers, & Oceans

Safety Disconnect

Up to 2 Hours of Ride Time

Transports Easily

Charges as quickly as 2 Hours

Pick a color, any color

  • Jet Black
  • Fresh Pow
  • Voltage
  • Fuego
  • Mantis

Jet Black

Optional extras shown.

Fresh Pow is included with the purchase of your Foil.

Optional extras shown.

Optional extras shown.

Optional extras shown.

Foil Board Foil Board Foil Board Foil Board Foil Board

Technical Specifications

  • Top Speed Up to 28mph / 45kph
  • Ride Time 1.5+ hours
  • Max Rider Weight 250lbs / 113kg
  • Motor 9 HP Mavericks™️ Direct Drive
  • Battery 2.6kwH Phase Changing Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Recharge Time 4 hours (2 Hours with Supercharger)
  • System Weight 77lbs / 35kg
  • Price $6,999

Designed and Assembled in USA

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12 Month Warranty

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